The British-American Business Council

Boards and Committees

How is the BABC governed?


The BABC is a not-for-profit membership organization, governed by its Board of Directors which includes a representative from each of its chapters, as well as its principal officers - president, chairman, vice-president, and chief operating officer.


Between board meetings, the BABC's Executive Committee exercises the authority of the Board. This Committee includes one representative from each of the BABC's regions and a number of practice leaders, as well as the principal officers of the BABC.


The president and vice-president of the BABC are nominated by the BABC's Nominating Committee (led by the BABC's Chairman and including a representative from each of it's regions) and elected by the Board of the BABC.

International Advisory Board


The BABC enjoys the support of an International Advisory Board (IAB), consisting principally of the chairmen and chief executives of leading US and British multinational companies. The IAB is chaired by Sir Martin Sorrell, Group Chief Executive, WPP Group plc.

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