The 2016 Guide to Investing in the UK

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Your complete resource for investing into the UK

UK and US Firms Weigh in on the Brexit Debate

EU Referendum Survey Results

The importance of the EU Single Market

An Interview with Dominic Barton

Trending 2016

Dominic Barton is the Global Managing Director of McKinsey & Company and sits on the International Advisory Board of the BABC

2016: The Year for Action to Address Climate Change

How Are Businesses Confronting a Changing Climate?

International Festival for Business

IFB 2016 | 13th June to 1st July

The International Festival for Business 2016 is the world’s largest business festival - a global marketplace for creating connections and doing deals.

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The British-American Business Council (BABC) is the largest transatlantic business network, with 22 chapters, and over 2,000 member companies based in major business centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom. Its membership includes many of the world's largest multinationals, as well as hundreds of middle market and smaller companies.

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BABC recognizes the contribution of a select group of its member companies that have established a leadership position in transatlantic business and in the BABC.